Corporate Consulting

Industry Analysis

We provide insightful data into what is happening in the cannabis sector and help you stay on top of market trends, providing your business with up to date information to help you make confident business decisions:

  • Industry operations
  • Sales trends
  • Market analysis
  • Banking and financing
  • Data analysis
  • Insurance
  • Research and testing

Security and Public Safety

We have firsthand experience with the public safety and law enforcement challenges that legalization brings to communities.  We provide consulting for industry operators, regulators and first responders to prepare for this eventuality.  Additionally, social consumption and cannabis-friendly events will bring a host of new risks when managing public events and festivals.  We can help you manage those risks, mitigate public health and safety concerns, and ensure you are covered:

  • Youth & Adult Education
  • Parental Resources
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Guidelines for consumers
  • Festival Organization & Public Consumption Preparedness
  • Training & Licensing

Workplace Health and Safety

Medical and recreational cannabis pose challenges for human resources and health and safety professionals when it comes to managing people in the workplace.  We can help in several areas, providing education and support to make sure you have sound policies in place, and guiding you through the re-tooling of those policies to include cannabis.  Walking through impairment, testing, use in the workplace, substance abuse policies, evaluating safety-sensitive roles, and duty to accommodate, we will give you the tools needed to make sure your HR practices are up-to-date and compliant:

  • Pre-legislation and post-legalization criminal consequences
  • Impaired driving
  • Introduction to drug testing
  • Liability of drug use in the workplace
  • Drug use recognition and signs of impairment
  • Workplace legislated requirements and employer duties and responsibilities
  • Recognizing the hazards of cannabis in the workplace
  • Safety program management
  • New Substance Abuse Policy, including testing
  • Safety sensitive positions versus duty to accommodate versus undue hardship for employers
  • Setting testing and employment standards
  • New hire orientation requirements