Medical Advisory

Misinformation about cannabis is everywhere. Our Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Ife Abiola, clears the air and provides sound evidence and education around medical use. Some areas of expertise include plant physiology and strains, methods of consumption, health risks, dosing and impairment, drug interactions and side effects, as well as how to acquire cannabis medically.

Our extensive medical knowledge can advise on the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use, as well as comprehensive education on:

  • Biological and medical properties of cannabis
  • Medical and physiological effects of cannabis-based products
  • Methods of consumption and the varying effects
  • Detailed health risks of acute and chronic cannabis use
  • Acquiring of cannabis through legal medical avenues
  • Information on dosing, impairment levels and side effects
  • Counsel on drug interactions and adverse effects

Main benefits:

  • Understand the medical and scientific properties of cannabis
  • Learn the medical and physiological effects of cannabis
  • Identify health risks
  • Become well-versed in dosing, impairment and side effects
  • Learn about public safety challenges