Dr. Ife Abiola, B.SC, MD

Dr. Ife Abiola attended the University of Lethbridge, where he majored in Biological Science, with a focus on Behavioral Ecology in the laboratory of University president Dr. Bill Cade. Abiola transitioned into medicine, completing his basic science, topical medicine and infectious disease observerships at the Spartan Health University School of Medicine and clinical rotations at Norwegian American Hospital in Chicago, IL. Abiola assisted in the Access at Madison Clinic suboxone program for patients suffering from opiate dependency before focusing on Internal medicine and pain management. Dr. Abiola joined the 420 Clinic in 2016, and has become a recognized authority in the scientific and medical applications of cannabis. Participating in numerous televised talks and forums detailing the necessity of education regarding cannabis, he has consulted and presented for such groups as Alberta Health Services, Peter Lougheed Hospital, Canadian Orthopedic Nurses Association, Travel Alberta, Cannabis Europa, the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships as well as many other organizations and levels of government. He is a key member of 420 Advisory Management team, providing cannabis education for medical, corporate and government clients.




  • Expert on scientific and medical applications of cannabis.
  • Educational background in internal medicine and pain management
  • Facilitated over 150 consultations and presentations on cannabis
  • Medical Director of medical cannabis resource centre since 2016


Internal Medicine
Medical Applications of Cannabis
Cannabis Science

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Excise and Licenses Photos by Evan Semón

Dan Rowland

Dan Rowland helps governments and companies understand the complexities, impacts and opportunities associated with the legalization of cannabis. After spending more than five years with the City and County of Denver – helping to lead implementation efforts for the first major city in the world to develop a fully legal, commercial industry for cannabis – Dan brings his knowledge and insight to communities and new cannabis markets as legalization unfolds across North America and the rest of the world.

Rowland consults for organizations that are seeking expertise on cannabis business operations, investment opportunities, compliance, community engagement, government relations and policy reform. He specializes in strategy, communications and regulatory affairs, ensuring good compliance and the successful implementation of newly legal cannabis marketplaces.

Prior to working with 420 AM, Rowland was Director of Public Affairs for the City of Denver’s Office of Marijuana Policy and Department of Excise & Licenses. He was the spokesman and public liaison for the city’s business licensing efforts and first-in-the-world implementation of legalized marijuana regulations. His work included industry and constituent outreach, legislative planning and policy analysis, developing marketing and education campaigns and coordinating the work of multiple agencies responsible for the effective regulation of cannabis in Denver. In this role, he frequently consulted on the implementation of legalized cannabis for governments and other public stakeholders around the world.

Before joining the City of Denver, Rowland worked for the Boulder County Commissioners’ Office, the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, and The Denver Post. He has a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Arizona State University.


  • Cannabis policy development expert
  • First-hand experience with legalization at all levels of government
  • Unmatched communications expertise
  • Collaborative and coordinated management model for implementation of legal cannabis
  • Advisory experience with industry operations, sales trends, marketing analysis, banking, insurance and research


Government Relations
Strategic Communications and Media Relations
Industry Analysis, Revenue Forecasting and Budget Planning
Management Consulting
Industry Best Practices and Compliance

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Brian Bell

Health and Safety Consultant

Brian Bell joined 420 Advisory Management in 2018 to help clients understand the complexities of cannabis and the implications that legalization has for employers and their workplaces, and the accommodations that must be made for medical use.

Bell provides stellar safety management services for corporate clients in the construction, oil and warehousing businesses, just to name a few. He offers expert advice in all matters related to Occupational Health and Safety and develops and implements complete safety management systems, so clients may obtain their Certificate of Recognition or maintain their current COR. He has instructed hundreds of workers in all aspects of safety training.

To date, Bell has successfully investigated more than 40 serious situations for various clients ranging from a 29-story crane lift bucket failure to situations where workers have been hospitalized for near-fatal injuries. He also offers investigative services for clients who are subject to an Occupational Health and Safety “Order.”

A former member of the Calgary Police Service, Bell served and protected the public for over 25 years as a Constable, Patrol Sergeant, Traffic Fatal Investigation Team Sergeant, Tactical Team Sergeant and ultimately as a Detective in two districts. During that time, he amassed vast expertise in incident investigation, case management and emergency operations training.

After his policing career, Bell spent six years with Supply Chain Management, developing safety programs and improving systems within the organization. His work helped the Calgary Distribution Center lead the nation in safety performance and eliminating lost-time claims. He also contributed greatly to the success of the company’s national business continuity program.

Bell has also consulted for the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships, for whom he provided safety management instruction in and around central and southern Alberta for more than two years. He acquired his External Auditors accreditation during that time.


  • 25-year veteran of the police force
  • Supply chain management
  • Program development
  • Instructor

Personal Skills

Law Enforcement
Occupational Health and Safety

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